Wednesday, January 15, 2014

5 months

Dear Olive-
My happy little squishy squish!!!!!!!
At 5 months old you have two teeth!! You handled them coming in like a champ.
I'm not sure how much you weigh but it has to be close to 30 lbs by now.
Dad and I have a really hard time carrying you around for more than a few minutes.
You need to start rolling/crawling soon because it's getting ridiculous. haha!
This month you learned how to sit up all by yourself.
We are so proud.
You are currently wearing 18-24 month size clothing.
You're squeaky talking voice is so cute!
You've learned how to blow bubbles with your tongue and make a noise that sounds like your gasping for air.
Sucking on your fingers or anyone else's is your favorite.
You are completely fascinated with your toes, but you can't reach them unless you are sitting up.
You love car rides, chewing on your Sophie Giraffe and taking baths with big brother.
We gave you a new nickname this month: Juicy-Lou.
(no explanation needed. :)
You like to pull both your legs up and throw them to the ground at the same time making a loud thump sound.
We started calling it your hulk smash or LouLou SMASH.
It cracks us up.
As far as rolling goes, you can make it over to your sides but not quite all the way over.
Remington likes to help push you over and you don't like that very much haha.
The best thing you started doing this month is putting yourself to sleep.
We can lay you in the crib totally awake for your naps and within minutes you are sound asleep.
It's freaking amazing!
Your big brother still has a hard time with this, so WAY TO GO!
Your sweet and all around happy personality is like warm sunshine all day long.
My little baby, you are so special.

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Demiurgic Musings said...

STOP IT!!! SHes perfect! and that last picture?! To die for!

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