Wednesday, February 19, 2014

6 Months

Dear Olive,
Happy half birthday baby girl!
At 6 months old you are finally ROLLING!!
We knew it would take a little longer because you have a lot of mass to move but we are so proud of you!
You have even started to lunge forward onto your tummy from a sitting position.
You will be crawling in no time!
You currently weigh 29lbs 5oz and are 29.5 inches tall and are wearing mostly 24 month clothing.
A big healthy baby!!
Playing with Remington is your absolute favorite.
You could sit and watch him all day long and be totally content.
Your blonde fuzzy hair came in thicker overnight! Depending on the light it even has a little strawberry tint to it.
I love that it's getting long enough that I can snap little baby clips into it.
At 6 months we have just started introducing you to solid food.
So far, avocado has been your favorite.
You refuse to drink milk from a bottle but occasionally, you like to drink water from a sippy cup.
Right now you still sleep in bed with us but all your naps are taken in your crib.
You love to nurse frequently but get distracted by the littlest thing. You always need to know what is going on around you!
You look like such a big kid when you take baths with your brother and you love to splash in the water.
You learned how to make a sound that sounds like yelling except you keep your mouth shut when you do it. It's hilarious to listen to.
You are such a happy and fun little girl who is loved by so many people.
Seriously, we get stopped every time we go out by people who just want to squish your cheeks and see you smile!
We are looking forward to watching your personality shine and seeing you grow and develop even more.
Love you sooooo much-

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