Sunday, July 20, 2014


We are so touched by the outpouring of love and support we have received from our friends and family during this difficult time. 
Reading your words of encouragement has help immensely.
I have also had many loved ones open up and share their own experiences.
I am inspired by their stories and their wisdom and their unshakable faith. 
This is the hardest thing I have ever had to face. 
My heart hurts knowing that anyone has to feel this pain.
"The club that no one wants to be apart of" 
But a lot of people are. 
However terrible, It's nice to know I'm not alone. 
I wish I could reach out and hug every single one of you. 

Right now we are doing Ok. 
Everyday seems to get a little bit easier. 
This week I was able to start back up at the Crossfit gym. 
I truly believe that exercise is medicine. 
It has been a great outlet for me to channel my emotions and frustrations. 

David has been able to take some time off work to be home with me and the kids. 
He has been such a great support with everything.
I feel like this trial has strengthened our relationship and brought us even closer together.  

The babies have been amazing.  
I think Remington has been able to sense the stress and sadness we've felt and has been wanting to spend more time snuggling and more time one on one. 
Olive is just, well Olive.
Everything she does makes me smile. 
She is my ray of sunshine on those gloomy days. 
I love my children so much. 

A few days ago I was clearing off my memory cards and I found these photos from Independence day. I had totally forgotten about them since the past few weeks have been a blur as you can imagine. 
I got really choked up as I went through them, one by one. 
These photos were the last ones taken before we found out that we had lost our baby.
We look so happy. 
And we were.
It was as perfect as a day could be. 
One filled with delicious food, happy babies and good company. 
It was our 3rd year watching the Rexburg Parade.
Remington was just 4 months old our first time!
He loved watching all the tractors and horses ride by. 
Olive was enthralled with the marching bands and "oooed" and "aahhhed" and danced to the beat. 

These photos pull at my heart now, but I know that I will look back and cherish them.
I am thankful for the happy memories and the happy times. 
Without the opposition in our life, how would we be able to appreciate them?
I know that there are many great and wonderful things being prepared for us. 
So right now, we just have to keep on going. 
^^Best buds right there. 
^^We sent David to pick up a dozen old fashioned doughnuts from our favorite joint in town. 
^^Seriously though, his curls
 ^^It was a really good hair day for everyone. 
^^watching intently. 

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