Sunday, October 12, 2014


I realized that I haven't really photographed the babies on my "real" camera in a while so this afternoon I got it out and snapped a few photos of them together. This series lasted approximately 2.5 seconds before Olive wiggled free. It amazing how much they've changed just in the last few months. Remington's beautiful golden curls are getting longer and wilder and Olives rolls have been replaced with long and slightly less juicy toddler limbs. I love the stages they are in SO MUCH! 

We've been spending lots of time together since David started up school again. It's his last semester so he's been working hard to finish up strong. After his classes are done he works as a lead supervisor at at call center during the nigh shift. It's been hard transition for me having him gone morning and night. By the end of the week I am so worn out doing the single parent thing. I know it's only temporary so I'm trying my hardest to keep a positive attitude. 

Besides hanging with the babies all day, i've been keeping busy sewing shoes and doing some photography sessions on the side. It's nice to be able to set my own hours and still bring in a little bit of an income. 

We have a lot to look forward to in the next couple months. David is graduating with his bachelors in exercise physiology degree in December. He decided a few months ago that he wants to go the health care route and become a nurse practitioner. He is currently applying to accelerated bachelors of science in nursing programs. After he finishes that program which is only 12-15 months, he will get his RN and work for a few years and then apply for a nurse practitioner program. We've narrowed the ABSN schools down to our top 6. Applications are due next month and also a few in the spring, so we are anxious to see where we will end up!! 

Lastly, I almost forgot to add that we are flying down to DISNEYLAND next week! We are meeting up with our entire family and we are so stinking excited. The kids are going to have a BLAST so look forward to a million of pictures from the happiest place on earth. 

Happy Sunday!

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