Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"Punkin Patch"

Last week we took the kids to an itty-bitty pumpkin patch in Idaho Falls. The babies were in heaven. We walked through the rows until we found a few that we liked. Remington probably put l5 pumpkins in the wagon. "ooh yook momma, I yike dis one...and dis one....oh yook at dis one too!" Olive's favorite part was looking at the chickens. That girl is obsessed with all animals. We left with two plump round pumpkins and they now reside on our doorstep. I decided to let the babies paint them this year because I am not in the mood to clean up pumpkin innards...gag. I love this time of year so much! We are trying to soak up this beautiful fall weather before the snow hits us (forecasted for this weekend, yikes!) I can't wait to take the babies ticker-treating on Friday, they are going to LOVE IT. I'm actually really just excited for the free candy, let's be honest...

 ^^I love when I can capture a smily Olive picture!
^^Rem, your hair...

 ^^Haha, we tried. 
 ^^12.5 weeks

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