Thursday, January 8, 2015

23 weeks

^^We got another ultrasound to check some body parts that were hard to see last time. Everything looked great and I love that baby girl totally has David's chin! 

At almost 6 months pregnant I am over halfway through with this pregnancy!
I was craving tropical starburst like crazy until one day I was eating one while I was home alone with the kids and started choking on it. 
I thought I was going to die and it scared the crap out of me. 
So now I can't ever eat one ever again without feeling like i'm going to choke and it really makes me sad. 
Last month I had the most INTENSE craving for canned pork and beans. 
(how nasty is that, right?! pregnancy is so weird..) 
David searched our food storage and found one can. 
It was fate and I was a happy camper. 
Now, i'm craving anything sweet like peanut butter M&Ms and ice cream and fresca soda drinks. 
I am finally starting to feel baby girl kick and hiccup!
It's the best feeling in the world and so reassuring to me that she is ok.
I'm still only feeling her on my sides though since the placenta is still padding the front. 
I already started getting the dreaded lighting crotch and it makes workingout (especially squats) super painful. 
I'm scared it's starting so early, since it's only going to get worse as baby gets bigger ahh!
At the ultrasound this week, she was already measuring a 1lb and a half! 
I wonder how she will compare in size to Remington and Olive. 
Lastly, we decided on a name and we are so in love with it!
I feel closer to her already.
Remington says her name with the cutest little lisp voice and Olive calls her "bebe."
We can't wait to meet her!!!!!

And for a fun comparison-
Top 23 weeks with baby girl
Middle 23 weeks with Remington
Bottom 24 weeks with Olive

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Akina's said...

congrats mama you look fantastic! can't wait to hear her name!

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