Tuesday, February 24, 2015


We are all sorts of snotty, crusty, coughy, phlegmy, achy, sinus pressure-y, tired and grumpy over here.  
It started with Olive at the end of last week and slowly, it's been hitting each one of us. 
It's been days now and it seems like there is no end in sight!
It is not fair to be sick as a momma, a very pregnant momma at that. 
The kids are pretty miserable when they are sick. 
They aren't the type to cuddle and watch movies all day. 
They are the throw themselves around, refuse to eat or nap and then there is this super awesome whiny cry they save for when they especially don't feel well. 
Maybe it's because I feel miserable too, but I seem to have little patience during times like these.
I have to keep reminding myself that if they are feeling as crappy as I do, this is the way they know how they communicate it to me. 
I just wish we could take turns sleeping all day...
We've pretty much stayed put the last 5 days. 
Our schedule is busy this week so i'm hoping we will start to see a turn for the better!
Send me a "you can do it" text and say a prayer you don't get whatever the heck we have-
Here's to healthier days-

**Update: took the kids to the Dr and we all tested positive for RSV...YAY!**

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