Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I completely underestimated how stressful moving was. 
The trek down here was just as awful as you can imagine.
Driving 900+ miles alone in the van with two whiney toddlers and an exclusively breastfed, carseat hating infant over two days...
It just about killed me. 

We moved all of our belongings into a storage unit and have been crashing at my parents home since. 
The babies didn't want to sleep upstairs away from us, so all five of us keep cozy in the guest bedroom. 
We pushed two huge mattress together and made the ultimate "family bed."
It definitely hasn't been ideal, but we are so grateful to be with family. 
While David is at work, the babies and I have practically spent everyday in the pool. 
Olive is a little fish in the water while Remi is still very hesitant and cautious about getting in. 
He is happy watching from a distance. 
Frances is content as can be floating around in her little inner tube. 

We started house hunting a few days after we moved down. 
Walking through rentals and dragging the babies around in 100+ degree weather was MISERABLE. 
It took a awhile, but we finally found an amazing home in Peoria!
The kitchen is gorgeous and we even have a little fenced in back yard. 
It's the perfect distance for David's commute to work and really close to my family. 
The best part is, we aren't sharing walls with any neighbors haha! YAY! 
We are so excited! 
I am so anxious to move in and get everything decorated, organized and tidy. 
(we move in Friday!) 

David jumped right in with his new job and is thoroughly enjoying everything that he is learning. 
He comes home happy and excited to tell us all about what he's doing everyday. 
He's also chugging along in his masters program. 
I'm so proud of my hardworking man! 

Olive's second birthday is also this Friday. 
It's going to be an exciting week for us over here. 
I can't wait! 

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