Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Remembering The Beard.

David started growing out his facial hair the day he graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho.
We agreed that he wouldn't shave it until he landed his first real post-graduate job.
Over the last six months, I really grew attached to the new lumbersexual look my hunk-of-love was sporting.
So when we learned that he had been offered his current position, my heart tore a little inside.
I might have even cried.
Dramatic much?
(I blame the postpartum hormones)
The dress code in the health care field favors the clean shaven face, so there was really no way around it.
I hated to see that gorgeous thick curly hair go.
So before he pulled out the clippers, I made him pose for a little photo shoot so I could document those brilliant bristles.
Thanks for being a good sport babe <3 nbsp="" p="">

Until we meet again. 

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