Monday, March 28, 2016

Easters 2016

We decided to do the easter baskets on Saturday after they babies woke up from their naps. 
I kept it super simple this year with bubbles, new plates and stuffed bunny rabbits. 
They were all a hit!
We got so many sweet comments and smiles from strangers while we were out because the babies insisted on wearing their bunny ears on all of our errands! 
They look so cute on them, I could not get enough. 
After errands we went to a friends house and they put on our babies first easter egg hunt! Rem and Olive picked it up pretty fast haha. Afterwards, the adults played card games while the babies played together. 
Sunday, we went to Church and came home for an early Easter Dinner with friends and family. 
David prepared a yummy roast and mashed potatoes. 
It was such a fun weekend spent with the best company!
She snuggled that tiny bunny all day!
Remington currently wearing S/XS in BOY clothing now. WHAT THE HECK!? 
He looked so stinking cute in his easter outfit. 
Trying to figure out self timer mode-haha!

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