Sunday, May 1, 2016

momma thoughts

^^Three sets of eyeballs, I call that a success! 

My babies are getting bigger and older by the day. 
There have been many emotional moments this weekend- 
Remington starts saying things like, "when I get bigger I want to go to High School" or "I'm going to be a missionary like uncle Colty!" 
I'm like, stop it RIGHT NOW!
You are my perfect little 4 year old nugget, 
we do not talk of these things (yet)

Olive has been singing/humming primary songs lately, and I just love listening to her little voice. 
She says to me "Jesus loves me momma and I love you!"
She's also been extra cuddly which has been a treat. 

Franny Bear is turning ONE in THREE DAYS. 
I just can't even deal. 
We are throwing her a little party with all of my family on Saturday. 
She's going to LOVE all the attention. 

These three make my heart so happy! 

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