Wednesday, June 15, 2016


    We are happy to announce that another little Olsen baby will be joining us this winter!

My due date is December 30 to be exact. With my previous track record of delivery dates we       are thinking baby might be here by Christmas! That would be the BEST gift. Who really          knows though. I don't really want to be spending Christmas in a hospital... Let's be honest,          December is kind of a crappy month to have a birthday in. Maybe i'll hold out till Jan 1 and      have the first baby of the year! That would be cool too, but for tax purposes, I hope he/she decides to come this year, haha.

So yayyyy, another baby!! Four under FOUR. Definitely wasn't the "plan." In fact this pregnancy was completely a surprise. (I know, I know...I get a lot of eye-rolls on this one) But really truly it was not expected. (Later ovulation dates then normal if you must know).  I was happy to wait another year or three before we even started talking about having another. I was excited to give my body a little break before we knocked out the next few. But alas, here we are!
We were shocked for a few days but that wore off quickly and has been replaced with LOTS of excitement. We are thrilled! Babies are a blessing and we want at least a half dozen of them, so why not now?

The kids are pretty ecstatic. Rem's like "this better be a baby brother or i'm going to be mad". Olive votes for another baby sister and Fran doesn't know whats going on of course. She and the new baby will be about 19 months apart (my second closest age gap behind Olive and Rem at 16 months apart) but she still seems like such a little baby to me! 

Holy cow...
Four kids under four...
Bring it on. 
itty bitty BABY!!!!!!!

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