Friday, August 12, 2016

20 weeks!!!

20 weeks means i'm HALFWAY DONE!
He has a NAME!
Well sort of..
We have agreed on one that we both love, but this is the first time I've felt like I need to see him first before we dub him said name.
I was so sure with others so this is kind of new for me.

It's masculine and of course a little out there, but it's his, for now.
So, stay tuned because we aren't telling anyone till he's here haha.

I haven't been craving anything particular lately.
Still eating mostly salty, savorery foods.
Sweets still make me gag.

My mouth and gums are terrible this time around.
All these years of pregnancy are really taking a toll.

Most days i'm feeling pretty energized, I've only had a few bouts of pregnancy insomnia.
My hands fall asleep constantly (carpel tunnel) which is a symptom I only had with Remington.
Must be a boy thing haha.

I felt little man wiggle for the first time last week.
Haven't felt much of anything else.
I'm anxious for him to get a little bigger so the kicks are stronger.
I haaaate having an anterior placenta.
My 20 week checkup is next week and then I have the anatomy scan in two weeks.
Praying that he is healthy!

We are able to pick up his heart rate every few days on the our doppler.
I love the peace of mind it brings.

I feel like i'm showing the same as I have at this point with the other kids.
Sometimes I wake up and I'm like where did my bump go??
I think he's nuzzled pretty far into my back because I can still sleep on my stomach comfortably.
(soaking that all in while I can)
With the other kids, I was already side sleeping by 17-18 weeks.

Slowly starting to pull out the baby gear and organize everything.
He will be in our room for awhile and then when Frans done with the crib we will move him in with Remington.
In the process of figuring out what little projects I want to do for him.
Looking at fabric for a blanket and possibly some yarn for a wall hanging.
Who knows though, the other three babies keep me pretty busy.

We hired a birth photographer!!! I'm SOOO excited to have it all documented again.
She's also taking our maternity/family photos and newborn pics.
I love her work and can't wait to do the sessions.
Also, we found out that our infant carseat has another year of life before it's expired.
We are definitely getting our moneys worth from it.

I'm soooo looking forward for "fall" so I can starting hitting up the garage gym more frequently.
I saw so many benefits from my last pregnancy from staying active so I need to pull it together.
Other than that, there isn't much else to report!

Yay for 20 weeks!
And because I love comparisons, 20 weeks with Remington, Olive, Frances and Baby Boy :) Had to keep up with the stripe theme haha.

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