Tuesday, September 20, 2016

25.5 weeks

^^Thank you for the pics Remi!

We woke up to the most BEAUTIFUL weather this morning. 
Low 80s, overcast and BREEZY!!!
I'd love it to be cooler, but I'll take what I can get. 
We spent the morning at the park letting the babies get their wiggles out before naps. 
I sat happily by, watching their sweet faces and enjoying the wind blowing through my hair. 

I am twenty six weeks on Friday and the BUMP is officially popping!
I LOVE that I am starting to feel him move around more. 
It's still only on the sides of my belly but it's better than nothing. 
So far, it seems like he's most active at night, just before I go to bed. 
David was even able to feel a kick!

Once in awhile we will check for his HR on a monitor, especially on those days when I can't tell for sure if he's moving around. 
I got word last week that I passed my glucose!! 
With flying colors mind you. 
Thank you pancreases for doing your job. 
(insert flamenco dancing lady emoji) 
I've been enjoying my fair share of sweets now that I know i'm officially in the clear haha. 

Next week we have another ultrasound to double check his face and heart. 
The techs couldn't get a good read because of his position last time. 
I can't wait to get a peek again. 

other than that, there's nothing new to report-
PRAYING this "cooler" weather is here to stay. 

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