Tuesday, December 20, 2016


^^Trying to get a photo with all the of the babies. HA!

I love this time of year!!
It's still really hard to get into the whole Christmas spirit thing when it's 60-70s outside but we are trying our best. 
Being so heavy with child this season I've felt a little bad that we haven't been able to do all the fun Christmas activities that we'd normally do. 
The kids haven't seen or gotten a photo with Santa, we haven't baked any treats or delivered any cutesy neighbor gifts. No gingerbread houses have been designed or cookies frosted. The only lights we've seen are those on our street. 
Instead we've stayed in and watched Christmas movies on repeat, sipped our weight in hot chocolate and talked about when baby boy will make his arrival. 

Christmas is in FIVE days and I feel like getting this baby here is the only thing on my mind right now. 
My dad asked the kids if they were excited for this week. 
Rem responded, "yes because maybe it will be my baby brothers birthday!!"
These kids don't even care about Santa haha. 

Tonight I'm getting a pedicure with my sister.
It's become a tradition to get my toes done around 38/39 weeks. 
Tomorrow i'm getting adjusted at the chiropractor and Thursday I go in for my 39 week apt!
I'm curious to see if i'm dilated or effaced at all. 
Yesterday I started having some pretty good practice contractions. 
We are all in the midst of fighting off a nasty virus so I think the nausea and hack coughing has really amplified them. 
I can't imagine going through labor feeling like this, or even brining home a baby to a disease infested house. 
I'm trying so hard to stay on top of the cleaning and disinfecting. 
Literally the worst time for everyone to get sick. 

As far as Christmas plans go, we are meeting up with the family for Christmas Eve dinner at a restaurant in Scottsdale. 
It'll be my parents and all my sisters this year! 
It's tradition every year to go out to eat on Christmas eve. 
Christmas morning we will wake up and do stockings, head to Church for an hour and then open all the gifts afterwards! 
Then we are heading over for Christmas Dinner at my parents with all of the family. 

I'm so excited for the kids to open their gifts this year!
We pinched and saved and picked out some awesome things that I think they'll love. 

If the Christmas and baby countdown wasn't exciting enough, David has a few promising job interviews coming up!
We've been praying SO hard for the right opportunity to come along. 
Our housing contract is up Jan 31st and he graduates with his MHA in Feb. 
It would be nice to know what/where the next chapter is for our little family. 
Until then-

^^The closest we got to seeing Santa haha. Fran's faces are my fav. 

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