Monday, January 16, 2017


^^This is Frances "sign" for "lemme hold the baby!" She says "hold, hold HOLD!!!" a million times a day. 

Thank HEAVENS for the long weekend!!
The days have been totally blurring together over the last week and a half. 
It's sooo nice to have David home. 
(even though we are both getting over the WORST head colds)

We get asked everyday how we are adjusting to life with four kids. 
I mean so far, it hasn't been too difficult or crazy. 
I survived two days alone with them all and no one died so i'd call that a win. 
This next will be my first full week and we have a couple Drs appointments to go to.
aka, the first outings alone with all the babies. 
Ask me then how it's going. 

Wolfe has been a super chill baby as far as newborns go. 
He eats, sleeps and poops a lot. 
He only really cries if I wait too long to nurse him. 
He's just now starting to have more awake periods and the kids LOVE it!

We are kinda getting back into a normal routine...
Everyone is up by 7:30am
Dave does breakfast for everyone and is out the door by 7:45
From 8-11:30 it's totally a free for all for the older kids while I nurse Wolfe back and forth on each boob. (I swear he never stops) 
Sometimes i'll try to get a few loads of laundry in since we have to stop running the big appliances before noon. #ihatearizona. 
I forget how much MORE laundry a newborn creates. 
Dave shows up on his lunch break and helps with lunch and getting everyone down for naps. 
12:30-2:30 (sometimes I squeak it out till 3) is nap time/quiet time.
Rem plays in his room quietly, Fran always sleeps and Olive sleeps maybe 3-4 days out of the week. 
Wolfe and I pass out on my bed for the entire block of time. 
I live for nap time. 

After naps till 5pm when David gets off is once again free for all. 
If i'm up for it we head outside in the front so the kids can ride in their jeep and run off their wiggles. 
Sometimes i'll just put on a movie and throw snacks at them.
Dave get's home at 5, just when I'm at my wits end. 
We do dinner, pick up the house, bath and bedtime.
By 9pm we are both struggling to stay awake while watching our Netflix show together. 
9:30pm-7:30am Wolfe is up every 2-4 hours to nurse. 
And because we cosleep (aka quick and easy boob access) we are all sleeping pretty soundly. 
(we had a few nights when he all of the sudden forgot how to latch unless I was sitting up but I think we are over that #knockonwood) 

So there ya have it. 
We really, we aren't accomplishing much these days but I am SO ok with it. 
I'm all for setting low expectations the first few months after bringing home a new baby and anything accomplished above that is just a big ol thumbs up! 
The newborn fog/phase passes soooo quickly so for now I am totally content with staying in and enjoying all crazy. 

Also, no news yet on the SLC job. Crossing our fingers we hear back either way this week. 
^^Kinda smiling there! 
^^All those big blue eyeballs!!!

^^I feel like I was JUST taking pics of newborn Frances. I can't get over how big she is getting. 
^I die. 

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