Monday, March 20, 2017

Naming Wolfe Wallace

Wolfe was ONE week old in these photos! He doesn't even look the same. He actually looks like he ate this baby lol. 


We knew after we decided on the name Wolfe for our fourth born that we would get lots of mixed reactions. 
People either love it or hate it and/or ask lots of questions about where it came from. 
It has certainly been the biggest topic of conversation when people meet him for the first time. 
I get it, it is totally out there... haha.  
So I figured I'd write out the story of where it came from. 

We when found out we were expecting another boy, we went right back to our running list of baby names.
I LOVE choosing boy names because we like pulling from our family history. 
We narrowed down to two names, first and middle, but neither one was really doing it for me. 
It was the first time I felt like I needed to meet the baby before deciding on it. 

One day I was texting my mom some of our ideas and out of no where she suggested the name Wolf!
I wasn't hooked initially, but I wrote it down to bring to David to talk about it later. 
Of course, he LOVED it!
I was still like eh, lets wait and see. 
I mostly didn't like that we didn't really have a connection to it like we did with the other kids names. 
Then one night David was on Family Search looking at our genealogy charts. 
He goes "Jess, you will not believe it, check this out!"

And sure enough there was the surname WOLFE way back on David's line. 
It came from the Nordic region.

I saw it spelled with the "E" at the end and fell in love!
I liked how the "E" ending shifted it from the animal to a more sophisticated name.

That night we also learned that David was related to the Viking King Ragnar Lodbrok! (Ya know, that one from the Viking show on history channel) 
Ragnar has since been added to our future boy name list per Davids request haha. 

(genealogy is so awesome) 

We went back to our list to find a middle name and Wallace jumped right out. 
Wallace was picked to honor my Scottish heritage- the Wallace Clan. 
We are direct descendants of Sir William Wallace AKA Brave Heart. 

I loved the alliteration and I also liked that he could use Wallace if he grew up and decided Wolfe wasn't for him. 
(doubt that'll happen though, because you have to admit, it is a badass name) 

We felt super confident choosing such a big name because with our genes, we knew there was no way he was going to be a small child.
At just two months old, he's already filling out quite nicely and living up to his name. 

Wolfe is also referred to as, 
Wolfie Wolfe
Man Cub
Cheddar biscuit (love this one from my mom)
Sherman Tank (mom also calls him this haha!! WW2 reference in case you're wondering where that came from) 

So that's how Wolfe Wallace came to be.

Also, this video  came out right after we picked his name 
at 1:38 "you can't just name your kid Wolf because you think it's cool." 

yes, yes you can. 

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