Friday, March 10, 2017

two months with wolfe

Dear Wolfe, 
At two months old you have already almost doubled your birth weight weighing in at 16lbs 7oz (99%ile) and 24.5 inches tall (97%ile).
Your head is in the 97%ile too but I can't remember the exact measurement. 
You SMILE and GIGGLE all the time!!!
Seriously, it's non stop, even when you're sleeping. 
My favorite is when you pause mid-nursing and look up and flash me that toothless grin. 
You are just my happy little nugget.
Ahh my gosh the noises that you make are just so stinking cute. 
When you nurse, you make the loudest gulping noises!
Probably because you're practically drowning in boob juice. 
Every morning you wake up all gurgle-y and grunt-y.
Mimi and Grandpa Mark have gotten you to "talk" the most so far. 
You've been sleeping for a little bit longer stretches at night and are still taking lots of naps during the day. 
You LOVE your swing! When we stick you in there, you look up, wide eyes and smiling waiting for us to make the mobile spin. 
It's adorable and you are obsessed with it. 
You are currently in 6 month clothing and transitioned over to the one size cloth diapers earlier this month. 
Bath time is still your favorite and you're doing a lot better for rides in the car seat. 
You found your fist and suck on it whenever there isn't a boob readily available. 
You won't take a binky...
I love that you are super content to just hang out and observe the world around you. 
Your cheeks are getting suuuuper chunky and your hair looks especially ginger-ish as of lately. 
You don't really feel/look like a newborn any more and it's kinda breaking my heart! 
Why does this stage have to fly by so fast!?
We sure love having you in our family little man

Also, the Olsen offspring 2 month comparison 

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