Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Easter was super low key this year. 
Dave and I were suffering from colds and totally exhausted from yet another hard week.  
We did simple baskets and a little egg hunt for the babies on Saturday and got up and attended our church service Sunday morning. 
Our dinner was a big fail and I was up for most the night puking from what we suspect to be tainted veggies (took one for the team as I was the only one who ate them. They tasted "off" and I warned everyone else just in time.) 
Anyways, here is a handful of poorly lit, average quality photos taken from Sunday! 
^^ oh yah, on the way home from church we stopped by to grab some meds and our tired popped. 
Dave got to put on the spare in 93 degree weather in his newly dry cleaned suit. 

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