Wednesday, June 14, 2017

five months with Wolfe

Dear Wolfe,
You've hit lots of milestones this month.
You are officially MOBILE!
Rolling/turning/crawling everywhere.
You are loving your new found freedom. 
It seems like you are so anxious to keep up with you older siblings. 
This month you also mastered SITTING! 
One of my favorite milestones because you are more content to just "be" for longer periods of time. 
It also makes grocery shopping easier. 
You like to be up watching all the action. 
At five months old you also cut your first tooth. 
It's a sharp little bugger on the bottom right. 
You've chomped down pretty hard a few times while nursing.
Your hair is coming in thick except for a little baldy spot on the back. 
You're still in the cat napping phase and it's driving me bonkers, but you're sleeping pretty well at night so i'm not complaining too much. 
You seem to nap longer when you're on the couch next to me as opposed to the crib. 
We will probably start trying to do overnights in the crib here pretty soon because you are taking up SO much room in bed already haha. 
I love waking up to your fat happy face every morning!
You are SO easy to get to smile.
You ham it up HARD for the ladies at church. 
You totally smile with your whole body (if that makes any sense)
Ah we just love you so much!!!!!
Your sweet spirit just brings us so much joy. 
We love you little man,

Olsen offspring 5 month comparison-
Left to Right, 
Remington, Olive Lou, Frances and Wolfe

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