Wednesday, September 21, 2011

baby products

Calling all my momma readers!!!!

Since becoming with child i've had plenty of time to think/stress/plan for all the things that my sweet precious baby will need. As i've been doing some online searching and window shopping I literally gag at the price tags on some of the "must have" baby products. So far David and I have come up with the following that we feel are the most essential:

Must have: 
Jogging Stroller
Car seat

 Not sure about:
Bouncer/vibrating chair
Baby Monitor (our nursery is on the other side of the apartment) 

Things we think are redonk:
Changing table
Diaper pale

Obviously we don't have things like cloths and diapers included because they are a given lol. What I would like is for you to give me some feedback! Share your lists with me, what worked for you, what products do you swear by and that you must have and what didn't work for you. I would very much appreciate your thoughts and ideas. I can't wait to see what you all come up with!


P.S. Tminus 13 days until we find out what we're having......I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kate said...

What in the hell is a Boppy or a Bumbo?

Joy Boggess said...

must have,
crib, boppy (i tried without it and ended up hurting my back!), carseat, SWING, monitor, changing table, baby bath. we didn't really need a bumbo bc they are only in it for a couple weeks, they could be nice to hold your babes for you, but if you have a swing that's not a problem. jogging stollers, if you are an outdoor junkie and always are outside running, get one. other than that, they do not fit through doors so you can't take them to stores with you, like to the mall in the winter time. they are basically only for outdoors. we just got a regular strolller, a chico, and LOVE LOVE it. if you have a swing, you don't need a vibrating chair. i have a changing table that's a dresser, it's amazing, especially now that i can't bend over to change olivia's diaper on the floor, i need it. we have also used our pack n play alot bc we stay places that don't have cribs available. highly recommend a swing though. they have ones that go forward and backward and side to side. the forward motion helps alot if they have acid reflux. and it gives you a break and usually puts them to sleep. that and my chicco stroller/carseat duo i love. we spent the most money on those and have gotton the most use out of. hope that helps!

Joy Boggess said...

p.s. you will need a breast pump, i hear medela single pumps are amazing. i got one from target for 149. i hated life with a crappy 60 dollar one with olivia. it worked twice then broke. and the little $15 jumpers are great too for when they get around 5-6 months! we got an expensive one and it doesn't bounce as well as the ones that fit in doorways. we will get one for this next one. they are great bc that's when they get a little too big for their swings (they start rolling out of them) and it helps them use their legs getting ready to walk!

Sara Keiser said...

Get the best solid changing table. It is an absoloute necessity. Saves years on the back.

Kelsey said...

Alright girl here we go...

The crib, pack n' play, stroller, and carseat are for sure a must. Colby slept in the pack n' play in our room for the first 2 months of his life which was perfect. I was a little nervous about having him in our bed with us so it acted as the best bassinet for us so that it could serve two purposes for us (when we are traveling and he is older, and when he is a baby in our room). Oh and I would get one that has a bassinet. You really don't need the music/diaper changing station that some of them offer. My good friend had one with the diaper changing station hooked on it and she said her baby was already too heavy for it at like one month old..... totally not worth it. I found ours for like $50 which is pretty decent.

Ok I always thought that my baby would LOVE the swing since some of my nieces and nephews did... but boy was I wrong. Colby really can't stand it. We bought a swing instead of a bouncer thinking that he would like the swing more, but once we borrowed my brothers bouncer, we soon found out that he would much rather sit in that so that he can see us while we are cleaning or whatever. I would suggest that you borrow one of each from a friend if you can to see what your baby even likes. I wish we would have done that before we bought a swing. But I'm sure it will come in good use with at least one of my kids.

Some people use the boppy for nursing to prop the baby up to make it easier on your arms and back... but I found it more uncomfortable. Although I don't use it for nursing, I do use it to prop Colby up while he's laying down so he's not straight on his back as much, which he likes and I think it is more comfortable for him. I think the bumbo is necessary though... it really is the only time that he is not putting pressure on his head besides when I'm holding him and he really does love it.

Baby monitor... I would say yes. But I am also a little overly paranoid since my sister lost her baby a few months ago. Colby is just down the hall from us but holy smokes it is so reassuring to be able to hear him breathing! I know you probably think that's crazy but I am so grateful he is a noisy sleeper because if I can hear him through the monitor, then I don't feel like I have to watch him breathe while he is laying in bed. It's totally a comfort thing for me. It is also nice to have when you go on vacation to your parents house or something where you will want to be able to leave your baby in your room for a nap but still be able to hear him while you are downstairs in the kitchen hanging out with the fam. I don't know... just a thought.

And yes... a pump is necessary for those first few months of nursing. I have an electric as well as a medela hand pump and I almost prefer the hand pump (which is also the cheaper choice). :)

Good luck!!!

Kelsey said...

Wow! Sorry that was so long! haha

Alana said...

i agree on the changing table. - however- I dont have one. we have a makeshift one. :) We use his dresser and the changing pad- it works great and really is the only place i change his diaper. the boppy is a must. the bumbo in my opinion is a must. we dont have a swing- nor when we borrowed one did G like his. So the swing is dependent on if the child likes it or not. also- jogging stroller all the way hunny. Its all I have and we take it everywhere. It came with a carseat- so I could take the beebs whenever I wanted in it(I didnt have to wait til he was 6 months to ride in it. ours is babytrend) and doll- for heavens sake get on ksl. I bought many a thing on that and saved millions. literally millions on EVERYTHING! if you want a baby moniter- get one.... i got one in the box for 7 yes 7 dollars. got a baby bouncer for 10 dollars, everything you could ever dream of is on there. just be sure to haggle. ;) call me if you need any more help. I can tell you everything. ha ha

Alana said...

diaper genie ALL THE WAY.WE LOVE LOVE LOVE ours.... unless of course, you like a poop smelling house, or like tromping out in the snow to every 2 hours to toss a poopy diaper.

Bryn said...

Crib and car seat, you obviously cant go without. with big families and traveling it is really nice to have a pack and play. I got mine for 50 bucks at babies are us. its done well, our boys even slept in it when they were tiny and in our room, before we moved them into their own room. I have a boppy but i hardly use it. I really wanted a jogger stroller, but ive heard from too many people that they are huge, and cant fit through doors. I love my regular stoller, i use it all the time!! I love my swing!! It works for everything. you can adjust the seat so he can see you and not turn it on if your baby doent like it. but ya, outta all my baby chairs i really wish i just would of got a swing and nothing else. but the jumper is fun for when they get a little older. they are at walmart for 15 bucks! I would also get a changing table, and a breast pump. I have a medela and i love it. Its expensive, but i use mine all the time!! Its my life saver, otherwise you will be very uncomfortable!! and i would also get a monitor, it will make you feel better to hear your baby and when you go to visit a family like ours, you need it to help you hear! Good luck!!

Jared said...

Sorry if it's been said; but I didn't feel like reading all of the other posts.

You'll need a baby bathtub. It makes bath-time waaaay easier.

Diaper genie is good; but off-brands (diaper champ) are slightly different, but really good and cheaper.

That is all.

Libby said...

I've been a nanny for 7 years (babies are now 2 and one is 7!) now so I am quite familiar with all these baby things! boppy = yes, swing and baby monitor, yes yes yes! the swing will let baby play while you put the dishes away or pick up the house and the monitor will let you sit rather than get up every 20 seconds thinking you heard something. Changing tables usually have dressers under them so they're pretty handy and I personally think diaper genies (or such) are great. there are MANY times you dont want to go run down stairs and throw the stinky diaper away. it's either too tiring or too cold outside to do it! and they mask the stinky well, haha.

and a MUST i tell every mommy about...get a diaper bag that is a backpack, it will save your life! i've had both, regular ones and backpack ones, and i will never use a non backpack on my own kids. your hands get SO full with so many other things+ the babies so a backpack is great. and when they learn to walk you will be constantly chasing them and having to worry about keeping your bag on your shoulders. with the backpack its always on and in position!

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