Saturday, September 15, 2012

sleep training part 1

(I started writing this like a month ago, so thats why the time framing explained might seem a little confusing...just go with it.)

We are the the midst of sleep training Remington. Dave wanted to wait until Remi was 6 months old because at that age SIDS declines drastically. I wanted to start a little earlier because by 6 months I would be starting up school and I wanted to have a solid routine down before then. We eased into it slowly. We started by getting him used to sleeping and waking up in his crib alone and in a different room. I started putting him down for one nap a day in the crib. After a week or so he was sleeping in the crib for all of his naps. Then we started the overnight in the crib. The first night wasn't so bad since then it's been going ok. Here is a typical night for us. Around 7pm we start our bedtime routine:

baby massage
swaddle (just his arms)
or rock while we nurse :)

He's asleep by 8. Sometimes a little later, sometimes earlier. He falls asleep pretty easily after his tummy is full and he is wrapped up tight. It's never a fight to put him down. (but like every baby he has those days) So, I lay him down in his crib, dim his light, close his door and turn the fan on out side his room. 40 minutes later I can hear him whimper and cry out. I walk in and his eyes are still closed. His mouth is wide open searching for a boob. I nurse him for about 10 minutes and he is asleep again. Now he will sleep for three or four hours without waking up. By this time David and I are both getting ready for bed or are almost asleep. If we hear him start to wak up David will pick him up and rock him for a few minutes and if that doesn't work i'll nurse him again. We both go to bed and like clock work Rem is up by 3:30 or 4am. David brings him into bed with us and I nurse him again. We cuddle up and sleep for the rest of the night. He's awake for the day by 6 or 7.

At this point I really don't have a problem with our routine. Besides his constant need/want for the boob at night he is a really good sleeper. I know that it will take time for him to completely give up his night feedings and transition to staying in his crib.

When asked about how are sleep training is going by friends and family they all respond with the same suggestion.

"Just let him cry it out. "


This irks me every time I hear it so i'm just going to throw it out there.


GASP!  I know.

Once again I feel like the i'm the ONLY one amongst my peers who disagrees with this common parenting method.

Why is that?!

Nine times out of ten it's not worth my time or energy trying to explain and help those understand why we feel the way we do. So instead I will continue on with my argument thoughts on CIO (cry it out) on a part 2 of this post.

stay tuned my friends.

and now some ridiculous cute pictures of Remington sleeping that have absolutely nothing to do with this post...besides the fact that he's sleeping...


Todd and Martha said...

Bahaha his jeans! That unbuttoned button! Jess he is so handsome. I mean look at him! I can't get over that one picture of him standing by the tub! Thighs galore!

Todd and Martha said...

And secondly... You are my mama twin. Always have been! I am so proud of your bedtime routine. Our boys are the most secure babes around! You are a great and loving mother, a true example. Thank you for teaching me so much! Love you!

Nicole said...

I also love the unbuttoned jeans..... so true for our chunkies :) Made me happy :) But everything else is good to, (I dont like CIO either)

Amber Whiteley said...

yay for anti-cry-it-out mommas! (also, I call breastfeeding "the boob", too.) you rock.

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