Friday, February 1, 2013

10 Months

Dear Remington,
At 10 months you are officially WALKING!!!! You're starting to figure out that walking is faster than crawling, so sometimes you turbo speed walk. It is hilarious. You have also learned how to point. You point at everything. If you want something you point at it. If we ask you questions like, "where are your toys?" you point to your room. I love seeing that little index finger out and about. One of your favorite things to do is look at pictures of yourself, especially the ones hanging on the wall. You've learned how to kiss on command. You love to kiss everything! You kiss yourself in the mirror, your stuffed animals, the pictures in your books and anybody who asks to be kissed. At 10 months you can reach and jiggle the door handles, roll a ball back and forth with someone and fit shapes into their corresponding holes. You learned how to respond to "bye, bye!" by waving. Your favorite things to eat are scrambled eggs, shredded cheese and graham crackers. You don't care for baths anymore and your little naked self tries to escape constantly. Your hair is getting longer and curlier by the day. Your mohawk stands about 4 inches tall and curls over at the top. People keep telling me I need to cut it and that is never going to happen haha. You know how to shake your head "no", poop on the potty and shut yourself in your room. When you are hungry you lift up my shirt and/or bring me your snack pouches so I can open them. We taught you how to dip your carrots in ranch. Except you no longer eat the carrots and just keeping sucking off the ranch. You are still taking two 1.5-2 hour naps everyday and slowly sleeping more in your crib during the night. You will stop whatever you are doing to watch/dance to bubble guppies and dora. This month you also fell off our bed for the first time while we were sleeping. I don't know how you landed but you didn't even cry! And lastly  the most annoying thing you started doing this month is grinding your teeth. Eeeeeee!!! That sound makes my skin crawl. Hopefully, that is just a stage. I can't believe your first birthday is next month. Stop growing up so fast.


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