Saturday, February 23, 2013

the wedding series: the engagement

Back in my single days I was the biggest hopeless romantic I knew. I loved love. I'd "ooo" and "ahh" listening to my friends sweet engagement stories and constantly day-dreamed about the day my price charming would come. Soon enough he did come and totally swept me off my feet. (You can read about how we met here).

After we knew we were going to be wed, we started looking at rings. I wasn't the type of girl who wanted to be surprised with one he picked out. I knew what I liked and I wanted what I wanted. I made sure he knew that haha! After a couple trips to various jewelry stores I tried on THE ring. It was beautiful and sparkly. I made sure the clerk wrote down the serial number for David before we left.

A few weeks later, November 13, 2009 to be exact, David drove up to Rexburg to come visit me for the weekend. (we were doing the long distance thing at the time. he was living in Utah). I knew the official engagement was coming soon, I just didn't know when. I had an inkling that this weekend would be THE weekend and I couldn't help but be a little excited.

He pulled up early that morning in the Birch Plaza parking lot and was greeted by lots of hugs and smooches. I remember him being extra smily and could sense he was a little nervous/anxious about something. We went inside my apartment and chit-chatted for awhile before he told me to come with him back out to the car. He opened the drivers side door and told me sit down. He said that his parents had sent up some diet coke and chocolates for me. While I was breaking into the chocolate he handed me a poem.

He wrote me sweet little love poems all the time so it wasn't something out of the ordinary. This poem was about wanting to spend eternity together and how we would never have to say goodnight again yada, yada, yada. I finished reading it and looked over at him. There he was on one knee, outside in the snow, in the parking lot of my apartment, holding THE ring, smiling the biggest smile and protesting his love for me. I wanted to freeze time and take it all in. After a tear-filled YES, we embraced. It was magical.

We called and shared the news with our parents and spent the rest of the weekend in twitter-pated- love-bird bliss.

A year or so after we got married I remember asking David why of all places did he choose to propose outside of his car in my apartment parking lot. He was shocked that I didn't draw the parallel from the day that we met. Finally it all made sense! The first time we said goodbye to each other I was sitting in the drivers seat and he stood outside the car.

What a guy that handsome man of mine.

A few photos from that wonderful day-

**Up next in the wedding series: why we chose the Oakland temple. Stay tuned! 

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