Thursday, March 21, 2013

baby girl

 Baby girl's profile^^

 mid kick^^
 sweet little tootsies^^
hand by her face ^^

Well, looks like David was right! We feel so blessed to be adding a sweet baby girl to our little family. She was not shy at all during the ultrasound. In fact, she was spread eagle from the get go and flashed us her little bum right at the beginning. She seemed pretty relaxed the entire time and was very cooperative while the u/s tech took all her measurements. Her little mouth was opening and closing and she kept bringing her hands up to her face. She already weights 14oz and is measuring a little ahead of schedule. That doesn't surprise us at all since Remington was the same way. We grow big babies over here. 

Typically, we only get a few souvenir pictures to take home but this time the tech gave us a ton! I hung them all on our fridge and I can't stop looking at her!! August seems soooooo far away... We can't wait for her to come! Until then, I will be buying obnoxious amounts of pink, lace and ruffles. Girl is going to be decked out. 

>>below:a few out-takes from our announcement shoot yesterday...
 He wasn't mean-muggin the whole time haha! 
Love that little face. 


Jamey Meteer said...

ahhhmygawsh I'm so excited for you guys!!!


Anne said...

Congratulations to the three of you! Although I haven't met Remington, I think he'll make an excellent big brother to the little lady.

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