Tuesday, March 19, 2013

random pregnancy thoughts at 20 weeks.

Today I am 20 weeks pregnant. 
20 more weeks and I am going to be a momma to TWO babies. 
Tomorrow we find out if we are having a boy or a girl. 
David is convinced we are having a girl.
I feel like it's going to be another boy. 
Of course we will be happy either way. 
Healthy baby is the most important thing. 
We already have our names picked out. 
He or she has started to kick more frequently.
Definitely my favorite part of growing a human.
The sleepless nights and aching back pains have already begun.
My little belly has popped out but I've yet to gain any weight.
I crave sour gummy worms every.single.day.
My skin sucks this time around. 
My maternity pants are too baggy and my regular jeans are uncomfortably tight. 
We bought Remington a baby doll so he could learn how to be "soft" and what the word "baby" means. 
He gives her loves and kisses and then tosses her in the toy box when he done. 
He's still got some time. 
Tomorrow is going to be the longest day ever...
I'm hoping baby will be cooperative and show us the money shot. 

Until then, here is a side by side comparison of my 20 week pregnant belly.

baby number 2 (left) and Remington (right)^^

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