Friday, April 19, 2013

24 weeks

I am 6 months pregnant.
 Only 4 more to go!
I've really packed on the lbs in the last 4 weeks...
I'm really not surprised because I'm hungry ALL.THE.TIME.
No specific cravings.
Everything tastes good.
My baby bump is getting round.
I'm carrying a lot higher than I was with Remington (see photo below).
No new stretch marks so far (whew!)
I think Rem stretched me to full capacity.
The little miss loves to do somersaults and kick.
She's kicking so hard that we can already feel them from the outside.
My feet have already started to get swollen.
I can't imagine how the summer heat is going to affect me...
August seems soooo far away.
She needs to hurry and get here because Rem is dying for a baby sister ;)

^^Top: 23 weeks with Remington, Bottom: 24 weeks with Baby girl^^

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