Monday, December 8, 2014

Crossfit and Pregnancy

A couple weeks ago I posted some videos of myself doing some olympic lifts at my Crossfit gym on my social media. Most of the feedback was positive and encouraging while others expressed their concern for my health and for the safety of my baby. I'm writing today in response to those loved ones who have expressed those concerns.

First off, I really do appreciate that you are concerned for me and my baby. I know that it's coming from a place of love and from people who legitimately care. Times have changed and new research has debunked the old thinking that staying active during pregnancy is bad for you. Even the familiar guidelines about keeping your heart rate under 140 bpm have been disproven. I have a degree in exercise physiology so I have had the opportunity to study the latest research in my field. Staying active during pregnancy is encouraged. Whatever you were doing before you got pregnant, you can continue to do throughout your pregnancy. It's not like I decided to start Crossfit after I got pregnant. I was going consistently for a year before we conceived. (I actually credit part of my fertility to Crossfit because it helped me lose weight and drop off excess body fat in a healthy and timely manner)

Second, I have continued with my workouts with the go-ahead from my Dr. I am thankful that we have an awesome relationship and I can ask tons of specific questions. He supports me and has approved my lifts. He encourages me to listen to my body, because really, we know best about what we can handle. It's been fun to go to appointments and hear the nurses tell me how my blood pressure has never been better and to see the weight gain come on steady like it's supposed to. (My weight gain with my previous pregnancies was out of control haha!)

Third, all my workouts are under the supervision of trained and certified Crossfit coaches whom I trust 100%. They help me modify weights and movements so I can still complete workouts safely. They make sure I am totally comfortable with what I am doing and also trust me when I say I need to slow down or cut back. Which leads me to my last point.

I am not stupid. I listen to my body. I am not killing my baby by doing Crossfit. After losing a baby earlier this year, I am actually more in-tune and conscious about what I am doing more than ever before. I've cut back the intensity and the amount of times I workout per week. Sometimes, I go really slow and I'm the last to finish. I never push myself more than I know I can handle. If it's too intense, I scale back. That is what is so awesome about Crossfit. Any movement and workout can be modified to fit your fitness level.

I am so thankful for a healthy and strong body. I'm excited to continue to maintain my fitness through this pregnancy. It the first time I haven't been in school or working full time while I've been pregnant and it feels nice to dedicate my time to being healthy.

If you're still concerned after readying this, keep it to yourself and trust that I know what I'm doing.

Below is an AWESOME video from Crossfit headquarters about doing Crossfit while pregnant.


Lindsay Himmer said...

We don't know each other, I think I stumbled onto your blog from a mutual friend's blog, but I just had to comment on this post! Thank you for writing this! I started CrossFit after having my second baby and plan to continue if/when I get pregnant again. I anticipate meeting some resistance and well meaning criticism. If that's the case, I will direct them to this blog post!

Martha said...

I watched that video and I'm seriously in tears! haha Those were beautiful testimonials! I'm so proud f you in everything you do- you inspire me every time I think of you. And that's the truth! I love you forever!

Kendra said...

Oh good I wasn't the only one who was in tears. I didn't know why but that video was great! It is so true we just need to listen to our bodies. I loved getting out and working with my husband in the yard or doing the things that others were doing while I was pregnant. I didn't want to feel like I was being left out and I knew that my body was made for that. I always said if pioneer women could farm and walk across the plains than I could do some yard work!

E&K said...

I'm at work right now, and just watched the video (slow night!). Makes me want to get up and lift weights and do something active! haha. I was so sick the first trimester, and due to pregnancy/night shift hell I am so fatigued ALL. THE. TIME. Its been hard to get back into the work out mode, and I was working out 5 days/week before getting pregnant. I hope I can keep this "excitement" up enough to get a workout in as often as I can. Even just walking around the neighborhood is a pain most days... but I always feel so much better after. My weight gain with Emma was crazy!! I lost 12 pounds, and have only gained back 6-8 so far. I am trying to not binge like I did when my appetite came back... I know it gets harder and harder to lose the pounds with each pregnancy, and I don't want to make it harder on myself this time! Good luck with all you are doing- and thanks for the inspiration!! :)

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