Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Remington lately **throwback

***EDIT*** Poor Remington...once again I came across a long forgotten draft post about him. This is from April of this year, whoops!

Hilarious things Remington said-

{Watching David putting on his deodorant} "Do you put dat on your nipples so they don't stink?" 

{Every time Uptown Funk comes on} "Turn it up yowder momma, dis my favorite song. {proceeds to sing it word for word}

{Olive had been a grump all morning} "Juicy, you are being a poop face. Are you ready to take a nap yet?" Olive "NOOOOOOOOO"

{As David takes Olive to go somewhere} "Be a good nugget for Dada, Juicy fruit!" 

Loves watching toy tutorial and Japanese toy reviews on youtube. 
Always asking what time it is. 
Always asks for a yellow gummy vitamin at bed time. 
When referring to something in the past "member laster day when...or member laster year?" 
Any time he's asked to pick up this toys "on my tummy is hot" "I don't have the energy" or "I don't feel good" 
Instead of backwards it's "backways" ex/ "Oh no my undies are backways!" 
Asks lots of questions about baby in mommas belly.
Likes to hug and give it a kiss. 
Is doing really well with letter/sound recognition. 
Starting to want to write and practice his name. 
Turned him forwards facing for a longer car ride, "wheeeeeee dis so fun! Turn yeft, STOP MOMMA the tight is WED!" 
He doesn't stop talking in the car. 

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