Tuesday, January 19, 2016

8 months with Frances

Dear Frances,
It has been a fun couple weeks as far as milestones go. 
At eight months old you are MOBILE.
One day you decided to crawl and you haven't looked back!
You LOVE your newfound freedom and being able to keep up with your older siblings. 
With that, you aren't a fan of sitting in anyones lap or being held for very long.
You wiggle and squirm and make your body stiff until you are put down. 
Our snuggles are limited to nursing sessions and before bedtime. 
My least favorite thing about the crawling stage is you finding EVERY LITTLE damn thing on the floor and putting in your mouth. 
Like seriously, I don't even know where you find some of these little nasties. 
I pride myself in keeping a tidy home but I've really had to up the anti on the vacuuming/sweeping situation. 
This month you are waving, clapping and bobbing your head to music. 
You babble loudly and cry "momma" when you are upset. 
Still ZERO teeth. 
You LOVE cheese and pasta or any combination of the two. 
You haven't quite gotten down the pincer reflex (picking things up with your thumb and pointer finger) so when we put a few pieces of food on your plate you go face first and try to lick them up with your tongue. 
It's super cute. 
You rub my arm with your little hand when you nurse.
I love when we make eye contact you unlatch and smile. 
AH that the stuff motherhood fantasies are made of! 
The sleep situation has been pretty touch and go this month. 
Pretty much we pass you back and forth all night. 
Not really sure what the culprit is but whatever it is you never really seem to be settled at night. 
During the day you're happy as a clam.
Not napping as much as I'd like but we make it work. 
We will sleep when we are dead right?
Rem's new carseat came in so you finally moved up to the convertible!
So far, you seem to like it better than the infant seat AKA not screaming every time we go somewhere in the car.  
Let's keep that up, k? 
Besides the sleep stuff, you're pretty much the perfect baby. 
We are just enjoying this stage so much.
Love you Franny girl-

PS. your eight month shoot combined with the valentine practices ones because I don't care to suffer through another session trying to make you hold still..hence the basket. So sorry that they don't match your other monthly posts, i'm sure we will all survive.) 
PSS. the lighting is these. barf. 

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