Friday, January 8, 2016

Remington lately...

I can not get over that Remington's 4th birthday is only 8 weeks away. 
Like seriously....I can't even. 

At almost 4 years old Rem insists on picking out his outfits everyday. 
I've been trying to teach him how to match colors and patterns and most the time he does pretty well. 
If he had it his way, he'd be wearing his superman shirt/spiderman shirt with his basketball shorts and rain boots
He is super particular about his undies and socks which totally cracks us up. 

At almost 4 years old Remington responds to anything asked of him, "Why!?"
and when an explanation is given, "but WHY!?"
and on, and on and on.
It's been super fun...

At almost 4 years old Remington has totally stepped up in his big/oldest brother/child roll. 
He is SO helpful with the girls (when he doesn't ask why a million times haha)
He loves to boss around Olive and always tells us when she is breaking the rules or doing something wrong. 
Olive is a sneaky one so Rem loves when he catches here doing something. 
He's quick to help up Fran when she falls over and grab anything from her hands that she wasn't supposed to have. 

At almost 4 years old Remington can write his name and everyone else's in the family. 
He love love loves doing school!
Practicing letter writing and reading books together makes him so happy. 

He loves doing Crossfit WODs, watching DinoTrux and Daniel Tiger, playing with his new remote controlled train set and helping prepare meals with Dave and I in the kitchen. 

I couldn't have asked for a better first born! 
Even in the depths of Threenagerhood, he's still pretty cool. 

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