Wednesday, February 10, 2016

just another ordinary day

Yesterday was a really good day. 
Not for any specific reason in particular, 
but it was made up of lots of good moments. 

After a restless night with Frances I woke up to a happy husband.
Dressed and ready for work, he kissed me goodbye.
The babies, also dressed for the day and fed, lined up for their goodbye kisses too.
"We love you, see you later!"

We brushed hair and cleaned up breakfast.
I nursed Frances, sipped on an ice cold Diet Coke and checked emails and instgram while the toddlers played. 
Babies got their shoes on and I got dressed.
Frances played in the empty bath tub while I put on makeup.
Olive screamed at Remington
I told them to be nice.
More screaming, more fighting.
Sent Rem to his room.

Double checked the diaper bag and packed the cooler for a morning at the park. 
Apples and big juicy blackberries, sliced turkey and pretzels.
The toddlers yelled at each other some more. 
Grabbed an extra binky, a sunhat and another Diet Coke for the road. 

Into the van, everyone is buckled and strapped in their seats. 
Pull out of the driveway, 
Remembered that I forgot to lock the front door. 
Get to the park
Unload the babies.
Hunt for the perfect shady spot where I can keep an eye on both.
Spend the next two hours enjoying a lovely adult conversation with a new friend from church.
We catch up and talk about babies and birthing while we push our kids in the swings. 
The littlest ones start to get restless and the play date starts to come to an end. 
Olive has a few meltdowns, Fran rubs her eyes and claws at my shirt.
Rem says goodbye to the five friends he made at the playground. 

Back to the car, buckled and clicked in.
Tell the babies seven times that it's nap time when we get home, hoping that it will prepare them and there wont be any tears/protesting. 
Back to the house
wash up, diapers changed, noise machines blasting, 
kisses given and (gentle) threats made.
"For the love of all things holy you do not open this door!"

Glorious nap time. 

Frans swaddled, belly full of boob juice and already sawing logs. 
All three at the same time. 

Txt my BFF a thousand miles away.
It's time for our weekly bachelor date. 
Spend the next one and a half hours watching last week bachelor episode together. 
Pausing for bathroom breaks, snack breaks and gotta check on the baby breaks. 
Txts back and forth, our reactions about what's happening on the episode. 
Lots of LOLing and OMGs. 
Make promises that we wont want ahead. 
(True friendship right there)

Fran wakes up, nurses again. 
I hear Rem and Olive playing in their rooms. 
The baby and I play with blocks and read books. 
David gets home from work meeting early.
We love early surprises. 

The toddlers get up, 
Dave starts dinner. 
(he's the cook in the family)
The babies request Mac N Cheese.
I send them outside to play in the backyard. 
Dave and I take turns telling each other about our day. 
Fran crawls around the on the floor while I check my phone. 

Dinners done, BBQ chicken, green beans and Mac N Cheese on the side.
Everyone's hungry and digs in.
We all giggle at Frances as she tried to pick up the slippery noodles and suck them into her mouth. 
She doesn't get them in all the way and breaths through the noodle like a straw.
The toddlers get second helpings of Mac N cheese after they finished their chicken. 

We decide on a family walk since the weather is so nice.
Clear the table and get dressed in our active-ware. 
I push the stroller with Rem and Fran and David pushes Olive in her ride along car. 
We choose a quicker pace so I can count it as my cardio for the day. 
Dave and I tease and joke with each other and talk about articles we read online. 
I find a ledge to prop my phone on so we can snap a quick family pic. 

We finish our walk and the babies play with chalk on the driveway while I sneak in some lifts. 
Fran crawls around on the concrete, scuffing up her knees and attempts to eat crustified bird poop from the front step. 
I get sad that we don't have soft grass for her to explore on. 
The babies fight over which car they want to race down the driveway. 
They get a five minute warning. 
Everyone smells like sweat and outdoors.

It's bath time.
David draws a bath in our giant tub for the babies and I jump in the shower. 
He soaps them up then sends them to me in the shower for rinsing. 
Lots of tears because the "no tear shampoo" gets into open eyeballs that they were told over and over to stay closed. 
The bath water is murky, 
they played hard. 

Pjs, fresh diapers, combed hair and brushed teeth. 
We spend a few minutes putting away laundry. 
Remington puts all this clothing away in his designated drawers. 
He thrives on organization. 
I hear David in the girls room, patiently telling Olive over and over again where hers go. 
I laugh. 

We quickly pick up their rooms and the hallway and go down stairs to clean up the toy room. 
Books and blocks and dolls and cars, all into their own boxes. 
The babies protest that they still have wiggles they need to get out and ask David to put them through a workout. 

Bunny hops, summersaults and bear crawl races, down and back the length of the room. 
Topped off with some burpees, squats and stair jumps, right up into their beds. 
We give kisses, say our prayers and tuck them in tight. 
Fran gets swaddled and nursed and fall asleep instantly.
Dave transfers her quietly and quickly to the crib. 

We plop on the couch exhausted from the day. 
I look up at the clock, 
It's only six forty five.
We spend a few quite minutes together before pulling up an episode of our Netflix show on the TV. 
We snuggle on the couch for a while and then get comfortable in our own spots. 
After the show is over we talk about our plans for the next day. 

He gets dressed for his nightly lifting session while I contemplate starting a load of laundry or sweeping up the kitchen. 
I decide the chores can wait another day and instead choose to read another chapter of a book my mom recommend. 
I think about how much I miss reading for entertainment. 
I make a mental note to read more. 

I finish up a few chapters and David comes in from his workout. 
Muscles swollen and bulging, he looks sexy AF. 
I give him "the look"
He feels the vibes and we hustle up to the bedroom
Only to be interrupted by a "i'mhungryyouneverfeedmeenoughdon'tyoudareiknowwhatyouaredoing" cry from Frances. 
"Frances the queen of cock blocks" David likes to call her. 
(It's like they have a six sense for that sort of thing.) 

I nurse her while he showers.
She snuggles up to me, fat baby cheeks resting against my chest, looking all sweet an innocent. 
Dave climbs into bed, looks at Fran and smiles. 
Next time. 
We win some, we lose some. 

He kisses my forehead
We say goodnight
and I drift off to sleep thinking about how lucky I am. 

Just another ordinary day. 

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Lindsay Ball said...

Hahahahahaa, aren't all babies cock blockers? I love it.

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