Monday, February 15, 2016

valentines weekend recap

We celebrated the day of love all weekend long! 
Sunday we got dressed up in our pinks and reds and purples and went to church. 
After we church we gave the babies their little gifts!
My momma always got us a little something growing up on Valentines day and I love carrying on the tradition to make it special for the babies too. 
We got Olive a giant purple unicorn stuffed animal that hasn't left her side since!
We saw it at Walmart a few weeks back and she never stopped talking about it so I knew we had to get it for her. 
Remington got another monster truck to add to his collection. He's obsessed!
I found some adorable little heart teethers for Frances that I thought were perfect for the occasion.
She's been gumming hard recently and we discovered this weekend that she FINALLY popped her first tooth!!! 
Purple nails and pink lipstick made me feel extra girly this weekend. 
and of course my number one valentine! 
We took advantage of early bedtimes this weekend to spend some quality time together. 
On Saturday we got up and drove to IKEA!!!
We finally got some curtains for our 15 windows down stairs in the living area. 
(not really 15 but there's a lot)
Hoping that they will help soften the heat from the direct sunlight that shines through. 
It's already in the mid 80s here and I refuse to blast our AC in February. 
We also picked up our new chair that i'd been saving for/oogling over forever.
The babies begged us to get a hammock. 
Maybe next trip.
How to IKEA with three under three.
New chair and curtains!!
Documenting decorations before I put them all away.
Lastly, the babies redid their footprints for a fun valentine craft.

other things to note from the weekend//
My BFF and I won gorgeous teething necklaces from The Jones Market Galentines giveaway on her Instagram page. 
I've always wanted one so i'm SUPER excited!
Our tax returns came in this last weekend and we ordered some new equipment for our garage gym!!!
I've had lots of questions about where we get our stuff so stay I'm working on a post to include all the links to that. 
until then, 

Happy Monday! 

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