Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Grandma and Papa Olsen come to visit

We flew down David's parents from Utah this past weekend.
It was a short trip but it was such a nice visit. 
Remington and Olive were eating up all the attention. 
Olive kept calling David's Dad "Olsen" instead of Papa. 
"Hey Olsen, come play wif me!"
We were cracking up. 

After the kids went to bed we spent the evenings listening to their life stories. 
How they met and fell in love,
their trails and triumphs,
and their testimonies about the power of prayer and Jesus Christ. 
Every night we were all in tears. 
It was super bonding. 
The last night we got to hear David's whole adoption story including some details he hadn't heard before. 
It was so amazing!!!
I was able record all the audio onto my phone so we can have those to listen to again and to give to the babies and their posterity. 
Remington was especially sad to them go, he cried almost the whole way home. 

Can't wait for our next trip! 

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