Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Olive Lou Lately...

Olive Lou is 32 months old/aka a few months away from turning THREE.
Smack dab in the middle of toddler hood- we have the terrible twos, the tender twos and the almost three-nager 'tude cocktail happening right now.
The amount of sass that comes out of this girls mouth...
She has a big personality.

Favorite phrases include,
"I wont."
"I don't want to."
"I will not do that"
and simply,
Her favorite color is Purple.
Everything HAS to be purple.
Purple plate
Purple cup
Purple blanket
Purple dress
She is the self proclaimed "Purple Pin-cess"

She loves all things glitz and glam! She picks out a bracelet or necklace with every single outfit.
She LOVES her Mimi (my momma) and "oohs and ahhs" at all of her jewelry.
Anything soft, fuzzy, sparkly or shiny, she will want it.
She talks in a super high and squeaky voice when she gets excited.
She insists on picking out her outfits and getting herself dressed.
She loves SHOES!
So many shoes.
Like a classic middle child, she craves attention. She struggled so hard with all the focus on Rem during his birthday.
"but when is it MY birthday?"
There were lots of tears.

She loves to cuddle and spend time one on one.
She has to sit right on your lap with her huge soft blanket.
Sometimes she reminds me of those giant dogs that try to be lap dogs.
(just because she is so huge and heavy lol)
Speaking of her size, she has continued right on her 100+ percentile growth curve. (just like her momma ;)
She's about 44lbs and wearing a 5T and S/XS in kids and a 9 in shoes.
I can't remember her height, but her pediatrician at her 2 year check up predicted about 6'4 (plus or minus 4 inches) at full height.
(Totally a guestimation but kinda cool to think about.)
Girl is gonna be a baller.
or dancer or artist or scientist.
whatever she wants really-
She's just going to be tall. HA!
She's strong too.
loves to do workouts with us, specifically hanging and swinging on the gymnastics rings.

She hates getting her hair washed- she fights with David about it every.single.bath.
She likes going on walks but prefers to be pushed in the stroller whenever possible.
She HAS to kiss Daddy and say goodbye every morning before he leaves for work.
She loves being tucked in tight and like aways, sleeps so well.
Still taking a nap during the day!
Her favorite books to read with me are her princess books or her "cute wittle animal" books.
She loves watching Frozen, Tinkerbell, Sofia the first and Strawberry Shortcake.
She loves to sing songs and hum tunes.
I love listening to her sweet little voice.

I didn't know this was a thing- but it has been pretty much the best thing ever.
I love this sweet and salty little fireball of mine-
There isn't anyone else out there like her.
Love you OLIVE LOU! 

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