Wednesday, March 2, 2016

some thoughts

These were taken the night before Remington was born, 
hours before a mother was born. 
I remember the mix of emotions I was feeling so vividly- 
excitement/nervousness/anxiety/so ready to have my baby boy in my arms. 

I'm so grateful for my sweet Remington.
His birth was one of the scariest/hardest/happiest day of my life.
It makes me SO EMOTIONAL that four years went by, JUST LIKE THAT.

I found some photos from his birth that I thought I had lost-
I added them to his birth story post HERE.
Oh I still cry when I read it!

I'm so glad I documented my pregnancy with him. 
I just love being able to go back and look at all the photos. 
Look at the big, huge and round belly. 
It was SO beautiful!
and it was so under-appreciated at the time. 

It makes me SO sad to think back four years ago when I was embarrassed and even ashamed about my pregnant body. 
I wish I could go back with all of my learned wisdom and tell this past self to just shut up and LOVE her body. 

I would tell her to be happy and joyful and embrace those changes. 
I would tell her to be thankful everyday that she even has the opportunity to carry and then birth a perfectly healthy child. 
I would also tell her that the stretch marks DO fade and that yes, someday she will love them. 

I have come a LONG WAY as far body image/self-love and appreciation.
It has been a journey in itself but I'm so grateful for it. 

(Now if only my future self could come back right now and tell me that
someday I will sleep again...that would give me so hope HA!) 

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