Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What's in Franny's mouth?

This girl is constantly on the move and she is FAST. 
I am super meticulous about keeping my floors clean-
(Vacuuming and sweeping are my favorite chores)
But even then, Fran manages to find some sort of nasty and it ALWAYS ends up in her mouth. 

Things we have swiped out those fat cheeks as of lately (list does not include old/crusty food that she finds on the daily) //

a lost earring
candy wrappers
a leaf
petrified bird poop (our front porch is a shit show from the millions of pigeons that live on our roof)
rocks (on more than one occasion- the kids sneak them in from outside...) 
fuzz balls
carpet fibers
and lastly a DEAD BUG! 

I don't ever remember the other two being as obsessed as she is about putting things in their mouth!? 

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