Monday, July 25, 2016

California Vacay Part 3 // KATE

We did a lot of fun things the week we were in California but the highlight of my entire trip was definitely meeting up with my girl Kate! I'm actually ashamed I haven't written more about her here on the blog because she's been such a huge part of my life the last few years. 
^Summer 2008 
She was of the very first people I met when I started school up at BYU-Idaho eight years ago (this month! ahh) 

We were in both in the freshman orientation group doing a tour of campus on that very first day. I remember giving her a compliment on her beautiful glitter toe pedicure and we started chatting, realized we were next door neighbors in the dorms and the rest is history!

 Over the last eight years we've been together as we dated goober boys, worked out and trained together, met and then married our spouses, earned our degrees, moved away and then back again, became next door neighbors once more, had babies, lost babies and had more babies again. 

We don't go more than 45 minutes with out checking in and texting each other every day. To my babies she is Auntie Kate. She is my person and I am so so grateful that our paths crossed all those years ago. She is truly a solid rock in my life and I'm so so grateful for her! 

So before I get overly emotional, here are a million photos from the three shorts hours that we were able to met up last week. I love you Kate! 
^^All the babies!! 
^^Fran had fallen asleep on the drive up and was super GRUMPY the entire time. 
^^She's like who is this guy and why is he touching me?
^^The day Olive was born, Kate stayed at the hospital over night with me so David could go be with Remington. It was such a special night that I will always remember. 
^^Tired and hot from the sun!
^^Graham was all over Fran and Fran did not appreciate it! 
^^Look at that face!!! And that duck on the right...didn't leave us alone. 
^^Making friends 
^^Frances got a little too excited about the ducky and fell off the bench. whoops! 
^^You wanna come back to my place later?
Frans body language. She could not get away. 
^^Love these nuggets! 

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