Thursday, December 1, 2016

how to prepare for family photos

What should we wear for family photos!?
It's a daunting question and one that I get asked as a photographer ALL THE TIME!
 SO, I decided to document and write a little bit about how I prepared for our own fall family photos and share some tips on how to make the process stress free!

It all started with that ^^ $3 blanket scarf that I found in the dollar Target section back in August! 
I LOVED the cozy Christmas colors and knew instantly that I wanted to build our outfits around it. 

After spending a few afternoons on Pinterest, I decided that I wanted to go for a more dressy feel! 
I had just ordered this pink blush maternity maxi dress (on sale for $25!!) and knew it was the perfect basic.
I felt pretty in it and I thought that the scarf would be a nice layering piece over it. 
From there, I started pulling stuff from David and kids closets and my vision started coming together. 

I made myself a "vision" board to help see everything next to each other. 
(My first time doing this but I loved having it to reference when I was out shopping for certain pieces) 
It took a few months to pull it all together because I had to save up and purchase a few of the pieces one at a time. 
So here's my board!

David already had the black sweater and green pants.
I had the dress and scarf. 
Olive had the off white dress and Remi had the dress shirt and pants. 

I didn't have anything for Frances and I thought the red dress would be a fun pop of color!
I found the one I wanted at Carters. 
The next step was picking out layering pieces and accessories to help pull my vision together. 
I saw the fur vest at Target and in SCREAMED Olive. 
I loved the neutral color and the fur texture. 
Finding suspenders and a bowtie for Remi was the hardest. 
I couldn't find anything in his size! 
The night before we took our photos I hit up Target one more time and found the perfect red bow tie!
We ended up ordering the suspenders on Amazon and they arrived next day. 

One of the afternoons I was scrolling through Pinterest and saw these adorable green/berry crowns! But at $40 per crown I absolutely could NOT swing it. 
I called around some of the local flower shops to get quotes and they were even more expensive for the fresh ones (go figure) 
So I decided to make them instead. 
They were SUPER quick and easy and I LOVED how they turned out!
I was worried about having all of us girls wear them but I think it added the perfect little Christmas touch. 
The night before I made all the kids get in their outfits so I could tweak and adjust as needed. I sent some snap shots to my BFF Kate so I could get another opinion. 
(When in doubt ask for help!)
She helped me make the decision to put Rem in the dark pants instead of the tan. 
I think it was the right choice!
I also made sure to practice doing my makeup and hair a few times so I could have it down perfectly by photo day. That kind of stuff does NOT come naturally to me so I really needed the practice, haha! 

So there you have it! 
Here are my biggest tips on preparing for your own family pics// 

1. Decide on a color palate and if you want to go more casual/dressy. Think about the season, temperature and location of where you will be taking your photos. 
2. First pick something that YOU feel like a million bucks in and then build everyone else's outfits around that. 
3. Use Pinterest for Inspiration! 
4. Use what you have! You don't need to go buy an entire new outfit for everyone. (you can but sometimes that's not feasible financially) 
5. When in doubt ask for a second opinion. Sometimes you need another set of eyeballs to help finalize everything. 

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