Tuesday, July 11, 2017

6 months with Wolfe

Dear Wolfe,
OMG if I could freeze time right now, I would. 
This is one of my favorite baby stages.
At 6 months old you weigh 26 lbs and measure 28.5 inches (both in the 99%ile)
Your soft chubby rolls are sooo delicious.
You are moving NON-STOP.
I can hardly make you sit still.
You wiggle and arch to get free anytime someone holds you.
When I go to buckle you in the carseat you go as stiff as a board and fight me, haha!
You hate the car and make driving anywhere kind of miserable.
Your sleep has been iffy the last month due to teething.
So far you have two of the cutest little teeth poking out on the bottom to show for it.
You love being in the center of all the action and cry when everyone leaves the room.
Since you've mastered crawling, you love to explore all over the house.
You've been doing really well at the gym daycare and the ladies fight over who gets to hold you!
This month you also tried your first food which was avocado!
You're babbling a lot these days and your little man voice is just so adorable.
You're still not taking a binky OR a stinking bottle but you are doing better with me being away for longer periods of time.
So far, I can get away for a solid two hours, woo hoo!
I love nursing you to sleep and being able to have a little cuddle time together.
I'm so happy you're apart of our family!
We love you so much,

Wolfie Wolfe months 1-6

Olsen Offspring 6 month comparison

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