Friday, August 15, 2014

Olive's First Birthday Party

For Olive's first birthday we had a party in our backyard with some of our close friends.
It was such a fun and beautiful day!
I went back and forth about whether or not to do a big party, because socializing with a group of people was the last thing I wanted to do while in the midst of our suffering.
It wasn't until a few days before, that we decided that throwing a party was exactly the pick-me-up and distraction we needed to lift our spirits. 
This blog was my inspiration for her party. 
I knew that with a July birthday, we had to take advantage of the beautiful summer outdoors. 
We came so close to getting rained out but the weather turned for the better, thank goodness. 
I am so happy with what we created! 
It was fun and girly and super low key (which was exactly what we wanted.)
The kids played while the adults caught up and snacked on delicious sweets. (None of which was actually prepared by me, because #aintnobodygottimeforthat) 

Moving forward, here approximately 55 photos from Olive's party accompanied by my insanely hilarious and probably more- details- than- you- actually care- about commentary because that's what these kinds of blog posts are for right?
Anyways, here we go...
^^The spread. 
^^Fruit cups and cheese cake bites (from Sam's club) and whoops I forgot to move the tape...HA!
^^A few weeks ago David had to purchase a one-time-use helium tank for a work party. They didn't end up using it all so I told him to bring it home. There was enough leftover for exactly 9 balloons, 6 for the party and 3 for her one year photo session. 
^^Sparkling Welch's Juices also from Sams club and they are the same ones we had at my baby shower last year!
^^Making a cake was the last thing I wanted to do and since donut cakes are all the rage these days, I had our local donut place custom make 2 dozen sprinkle and old-fashioned donuts. Not only did they look amazing but they tasted like heaven. They were also the same donuts that we had the morning that Olive was born, so kinda sentimental. 
^^White cake stand from TJ Maxx. Table runner is a yard of fabric from Porter's discount section.(score!)
^^Cream puffs are also from Sam's club. 
^^OLIVE banner was a free download on Pinterest that I had made up on sturdy cardstock and then mounted onto pretty scrapbook paper. It now hangs over her crib along with the banner that was wrapped around her bassinet at the hospital. 
^^Poka-dot cups were sent to us from Auntie Kate. They matched perfectly. 
^^We decided on fruit and cheese cups so that there was actually food that the babies could eat haha!
^^This Teepee (currently out of stock) was Olive's big birthday present.  I've wanted to get one for a long time and I spent HOURS trying to find one that didn't cost an arm and leg. I even debated making my own, but after calculating time, cost of supplies and my sanity, it would have been easier to just fork over the big bucks for a nice one. I found ours after browsing on Amazon at it was only 60$!!! It's huge and sturdy and it even comes with the poles and its own carrying case. It currently resides in our living room and the babies  absolutely LOVE it. I thought it was the perfect touch for her outdoor party. 
^^Tissue flower balls made by yours truly. Google a tutorial. They are stupid easy and cheap to make. Smaller cakes stands are also DIY. Glass plates from DI + candle holders from the dollar tree+ some kind of special glue that I can't think of at the moment = pretty petite cake stand.  
^^The 6th photo of the spectacular donut cake. You're welcome. 
^^Olive's outfit details: ridiculously adorable fluff hair clip from Rapunzels boutique in Idaho falls. Onsie is from a Carters set and pink polka dot tutu was gifted from Auntie Kate from Target. 
^^ Hey Jackson!
^^Lily and a pink balloon. 
^^The boys making themselves at home
^^Here David, take a picture of me with a donut and this yellow sparkly juice and this pretty but nasty cardboard disintegrate-in-your-mouth straw. 
^^Nicole and baby Elizabeth. 
^^ Olive's like, "Can I haz a donut now? Pease?"
^^ Not too sure about what was going on...
^^Oooo fire!
^^Still not sure...
^^Beautiful exotic Lincoln photobombed like half of the photos. Seriously cracked me up! Isn't he so handsome!?
^^Love this photo. Boys being boys. 
^^Remington helped open all the presents. Duties of a big brother I suppose. 
^^The blowy-party things totally freaked Olive out haha!
^^Kael was cracking us up. He'd sneak up to the table over and over and reach for the cream puffs or donuts or anything that his little hand could get. Love that boy!

^^Sneaky, sneaky!

^^Family photo! Rem mid-bite and Olive expressionless like always :) Purple dress is from Target. I only share because I found it discounted in store and it was the first maxi that actually hit the floor and not awkwardly above my ankles like most do on my tall amazon frame, and it has sleeves (win/win). I bought 4 more colors online because I love it that much. 
^^Our attempt to photograph all the babies together. They were not very happy about it. 
^^Olive is all like "Mom get that effing camera out of my face"
^^ So I hand the camera to David because I never get to be in any photos and Olive's like "Girl please, why would I cooperate with you"
^^So we try a different position and still, nothing. 
^^And then our friend Sam shows up in her wolf-t-shirt** after the party is over and we get a smile because she is hilarious and she makes everyone laugh. 
^^Thanks Sam!
^^And lastly, after the party is over, Remington walks over to Olive and gives her a hug and a kiss and tells her "appy birfday youyou" and my momma heart just melts into a puddle because really, these are the moments that keep me going and make me take a step back and realize how blessed we are.
^^So on that note, Happy Birthday my darling girl!

^^Sam and her wolf shirt, which now that I look closer, realize that it's actually a bear...
Love you friend! 

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