Thursday, September 8, 2016

twenty four weeks

^^Photo credit: Remington 

We've reached the viable age!
If baby boy decided to come now, he would have a high change of survival.
At 24 weeks pregnant I'm up only +4lbs. 
Writing that makes me LOL because before, I would always eye roll hearing about other moms gaining little to no extra weight. 
Overall, I'm the heaviest out of all my pregnancies. 
So I don't really need those "extra maternal fat store" lbs that you're supposed to gain because I already have plenty. 

I'm feeling pretty good physically at the moment. 
I'm trying to get in at least 3 solid workouts during the week. 
It's sooo hard in the heat so I've had to get creative. 
The evenings will start cooling down enough, that I should be able to get out and throw the barbells around more consistently. 
I haven't felt any other sorts of pregnancy aches and pains yet (knock on wood.) 
I did finally pull out my giant body pillow, though most nights I still find sleeping on my stomach the most comfortable. 

Baby boy's kicks are still sooooo subtle.
I have to really be paying attention and even then it's so light I second guess myself. 
I honestly feel like I could be one of the women who didn't know she was pregnant (if we were just going off movement alone)

Next week I have to take an early glucose test because of said weight.
I've managed to push it off a few months because other than weighing a little more, I'm super healthy. 
My office requires patients to come in, drink it and then hang out for an hour in the office before testing. 
They won't let us take the glucola home. 
I complained to my Dr, because there was NO way I was hanging out that long with all three babies in the office. 
So I got special permission to take one home. 

Fast forward a few weeks later, I grabbed my drink off my dresser to refrigerate it before my appointment and I noticed the seal had been broken. 
Upon further investigation I found that HALF of the drink was GONE. 
Turns out, Rem had gotten curious about the little tiny "soda" chilling on my dresser and wanted to taste it. 

I was SO upset. 
Probably overreacted (hormones ya know)
But after jumping through hoops to bring the damn drink home, I couldn't help but be mad. 
So now, come Monday, I get to drag along all the babies and go drink the dumb drink in the office. 

I better pass the test.

Moving on-
Currently eating pretty much everything. 
Really loving smoked deli turkey and bacon and eggs.   
If I want something sweet it HAS to be some kind of baked good or a snickers bar. 
Nothing else satisfies. 

I picked out a jammy set and a new robe!
It's kind of turned into a tradition to get a new one for every baby.
It's nice to look forward to wearing something new and that makes you feel pulled together in the hospital. 
I met with our birth photographer a few weeks back and we scheduled a date for our family/maternity photo session. 
I'm SO excited and have been having fun putting together our outfits. 
These family/maternity, birth and newborn photos are my Christmas gift and I couldn't be happier!
I'm excited to have some professional portraits done and NOT have to rely on the tripod-self timer setup this year.

Here's to hoping the next 16 weeks fly by!!!

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