Sunday, January 31, 2016

the wedding series: why we choose the Oakland temple

I started weeding through my draft posts here on blogger and I found a bunch of The Wedding Series posts that I started three years ago (and never finished!) Since David and I are celebrating our    
6th anniversary next month I thought it would be the perfect time to finish them up. (Plus it's a nice brea from baby posts lol) 
Here's a couple links to catch you up// 
 why the wedding series
^^i'm missing that jawline right about now, wahhh!

A little background first// I lived most of my teenage "growing up" years in Portland, OR. For a long time that was where I considered to be "home". Half way through my senior year we moved to Phoenix, Arizona where I finished up high school and then moved right up to Rexburg, Idaho. I was only in Arizona for eight months before starting up at BYU-Idaho so it was never really "home" to me. 
The semester after we got engaged (Fall 2009) my Dad got a new job and my family relocated from Phoenix, Arizona to Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

So here I was trying to plan a wedding, David living in Utah and me living in Oklahoma. 
Where would we get married?!
I felt like a girl with out a home (temple). 
I didn't want to get married in Oklahoma (obviously, just moved there)
I was adamant on NOT having a Utah wedding since EVERYONE gets married at the same temples in Utah (plus I wasn't from there) 
Arizona wasn't my home either and I wasn't a fan of the Mesa temple (not dissing it, just not my favorite ascetically) 
Having it in Portland felt weird since I hadn't live there in so long. 
Most of my extended family was in northern California so we talked about doing it there.
We tossed around the idea of getting married in the San Diego Temple. 
It was my FAVORITE temple growing up, the one I always had a photo of in my room. 
We quickly realized the logistics of that were too complicated trying to get everyone down there. 
So we landed on the Oakland Temple. 
It just made the most sense for everyone. 
We set the date and continued to plan.
Me from Oklahoma and him from Utah, planning for our wedding day in California. 
It was stressful doing everything long distance (definitely don't recommend that) but HEY, it all worked out. 

and thats the story of why we choose the Oakland temple! 

next up in the series// saying YES to the dress. 

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